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Any date to heal?  Calendar to download

Any date to heal? Calendar to download

League 1. League 1 has only a few weeks to play again. 2022-2023 season.

With the discovery of the brand new calendar for the 2022-2023 French Championship, the veil of the new Ligue 1 season was removed by the LFP this Friday, June 17th. On the first day, PSG, the French champion, will travel to the Clermont prairies, receive Reims at the Marseille Vélodrome, receive the Lyon promotion Ajaccio, while the poster for the day will be a particular Strasbourg – Monaco.

This 2022-2023 calendar will be new and will be reversed due to that World Cup At the end of the year. The 15th day, scheduled for the weekend of November 12 and 13, 2022, is the last day before the start of the international break for the World Cup. The resumption of the championship (16th day) will take place on Wednesday, December 28, 2022 in the form of the French “Boxing Day”. Following this special event will be the 17th day of League 1 on Sunday January 1, 2023. The 38th and final day of League 1 is set for Sunday, June 4, 2023.

To get the full table, download it here:

Download Ligue 1 2022-2023 Calendar in pdf

Here is a list of major shocks in Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Monaco, and a complete calendar.

  • PSG-Monaco on August 28th
  • OL-PSG on September 18th
  • Lily-Lens on October 9th
  • Renz-Nantes on October 9th
  • PSG-Om October 16
  • OM-OL on November 6th
  • December 28 is Boxing Day
  • On February 12, the Monaco-PSG
  • OM-PSG on February 26th
  • Nantes-Renz on February 26th
  • Lens-Lily on March 5th
  • PSG-OL on April 2nd
  • OL-OM on April 23rd
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PSG Calendar

© League 1

OM calendar

© League 1

Leon Calendar

© League 1

Monaco Calendar

© League 1

On the weekend of August 6/7 Ligue 1 will officially reopen its doors, especially the clash between Strasbourg and AS Monaco or the return of Ajaccio, who travels to Lyon for the first time under the American flag.

Day 1 Schedule

  • Clermont-PSG
  • OM-Reims
  • Strasbourg-Monaco
  • Renz-Lorient
  • Toulouse-good
  • Lens-breast
  • Leon-Ajaccio
  • Angers-Nantes
  • Lily-Oxerre
  • Montpellier-Troyes

What is the classification of Ligu 1 2021-2022?

The 2021-2022 League 1 season will be marked by a number of similar breaches at various venues across the country, and despite this tragic Ebilox, Axerois’ delight echoes the same devastating Champions League final on Saturday evening in the State de France. At the sporting level this time, PSG have regained its place as champions after Lill’s victory last season. With a 15-point lead, Paris, a Kylian Mbabane Although very interesting, it did not shine, dried up in the 16th round of the Champions League and got into trouble several times at League 1. Olympique de Marseille, in a suspenseful fight with AS Monaco, ended up in extremism. Second place and qualified for the Champions League. ASM who relied on the runner-up spot until the end, so ends up in third place.

In this Ligu 1 2021-2022 classification, the Rennes Ground, The author of a good season, finished fourth, with the same number of points as Nice, but with a higher goal difference. OGC Nice, who lost by a point after a string of games against OM at the Alliance Riviera last August, will have to settle for next season’s Europa League conference. Strasbourg, even the author of a historical season, slipped its European ticket and finished sixth in its best season, eighth after a much more mixed season than Lens and Lyon.

League 1 2021 Levels

In the rankings of Ligue 1 scorers, Kylian Mbappé shows, with impressive figures, that is why he would have crossed the French Championship. With 28 goals, Wissam is ahead of Ben Yedder (Monaco – 25 goals), Martin Terrier (State Rennes – 21 goals) and Moussa Tempele (Olympic Lyon – 21 goals).

Not just goal scorers in League 1. Supporters of fellow players also pay attention. Above is the ranking of the best players in the French League 1 Championship, ahead of a more specific Kylian Mbabane (17 assistants), Lionel Messi (PSG – 14 assists) and Benjamin Bourigeaud (13 assists).

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For this 2021-2022 Ligue 1 season, that is Amazon Prime 80% owned television. The new broadcast includes 8 matches a day: Friday Evening Match (9pm), Saturday Afternoon Match (5pm), Sunday Multiplex (3pm), Sunday Evening Match (8:45pm) and Sunday Noon Meet (Afternoon). 1 hour). Amazon has also created a special channel: BossLigu1. Canal + Broadcasts the other two matches each day: Saturday evening match (9pm) and Sunday match 5pm. The system must change very little during the 2022-2023 season, with its rights restarting on the weekends of August 6 and 7, 2022 and ending on June 4, 2023. Note: From May 27th to July 26th, Prime subscribers will not have to pay for the video ‘Ligue 1 Pass’ subscription to Amazon’s football offer.