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Ordinanza scuola Puglia, FdI: “Si scarica la scelta sui genitori"

“You are downloading parental selection”

Commenting on the decision of the Governor of Puglia, the Council Committee underscored: “It distinguishes between those who protect the health of their children (those who keep them at home) and those who do not protect it (sending them to school).”

“President Emiliano School’s latest decree not only grants or grants the right to send children and young people up to sixth grade (in red areas), but worse than all other times because it is not only an option to be expelled (and some may not even be able to do so), but it is DAT and unfortunate Abulian Abulian separates families from those who want to protect their health and children by choosing families, instead, they do not want to protect their health and therefore send their children on a visit. ” At the opening of the kindergarten, for elementary and sixth graders, Buglia Emiliano wisely and unfortunately divides the Abulian families, boasting the school world There should be more vaccinated territory for teachers and school staff to cover up the failure of 360 degree administration of the letter. – They continue – Also, what’s the point of inviting families to let their children stay at home? On the other hand, if the school year in Buglia had never really started, it would have been a region in yellow, which, as official studies show, confirms that it is definitely not a school if the lessons are carried out ‘in safety’. It is an outbreak of infections. And then the truth is, there are regions that can protect the health of citizens – they are coming to an end – and regions like Paclia cannot do so, for this reason, for some time, as brothers in Italy, we have been asking the Commissioner of Management. Govt in Puglia. “

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