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Facebook puts the gallery on audio and reveals its response to Clubhouse

Facebook puts the gallery on audio and reveals its response to Clubhouse

Live Audio Rooms, Facebook’s response to Clubhouse. – Facebook

As for innovations, there are two modes when Facebook faces competition: recovery (like Instagram or WhatsApp), or copying (stories from Snapshot, reels against Dictoc). Facing The success of the Clubhouse site, So this would be the second solution. On Monday, Facebook released its “Live Audio Rooms” and announced that its users will be able to “listen to live podcasts” directly in the coming months.

Under the influence of the Zoom video conferencing service and later Clubhouse, Facebook has expanded its video and audio functionality directly, both on the network and on Instagram. Although only accessible via iOS (Apple) and Call, Club Bows is visited by 10 million users each week, already worth $ 4 billion, a year after it was most secretly launched in Silicon Valley.

It has been pointed out that Facebook will test its “live audio rooms” or “live audio rooms” on the tens of thousands of groups operating on the platform. They should be available to all of its users by the summer.


Audio formats were prevalent before the epidemic, but control measures and the fatigue of time spent in front of screens contributed tenfold to the craze for sites that allow you to listen or communicate without rolling your eyes on your laptop or computer. Twitter has been testing its “gaps” since December, already launching audio tweets – 140 seconds each – after opening last June, and should soon open these “spaces” for good discussion.

Influencers (actors, enthusiasts, etc.) and amateurs will also be able to use new sound-generating tools, especially to record “soundbites” (“sound”), which will be tested in the coming months. For example, there may be poems, events or even humorous paintings.

Content creators will also have access to monetization options such as audio lounges, donations or subscription samples. The ability to generate income for teachers or animators is one of the main challenges in this field.

Podcast push

“More than 170 million people are already connected to hundreds of thousands of Facebook pages on podcasts, and more than 35 million are members of the fan groups around podcasts – but until now you had to leave the Facebook app to listen to episodes,” Fiji Simo notes. For mobile use of the site, in the press release.

“Also, as it is more difficult to find the podcasts you like, we will make it easier for you to find new topics and episodes based on your interests,” he adds.

In the United States, podcast enthusiasts mainly use Spotify, followed by exclusive apps from Apple and Google, the Pandora operating system, Website Show and Amazon’s audiobook app Audible.

By providing live podcast listening on Facebook, the network allows its services (communities, meetings, shopping, entertainment, etc.) to be strengthened so that its users spend more time on its products, translating into advertising revenue.

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