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Facebook and Instagram warn: Enable tracking or they will no longer be "free"

Facebook and Instagram warn: Enable tracking or they will no longer be “free”

Zuckerberg decided to accept activity tracking for Facebook and Instagram users Carried out on both social networks and other companies ’sites. The act of convincing oneself not to block monitoring with the new functionality introduced Apple Con iOS 14.5, Forcing developers to get user permission before any data tracking for advertising purposes, which seems to be the case Creating both apps no longer ‘for free’ took a somewhat serious turn.

Is Facebook no longer free if you do not enable tracking?

According to some users In fact, be Facebook Than Instagram As for iOS, signs have appeared in both apps that are going exactly in that direction. In this case, notice IOS 14.6 Beta And we read a message on Facebook that did not allow for much imagination:

This version of iOS requires permission from us to track the activity we receive from the apps and websites you visit on this device to enhance your ads. If you do not enable this device setup, find out how they control the use of this information.

This action does not affect Facebook’s advertising system, which controls the use of your partner activity data. Here is what you can do if you enable both settings:

  • Get more personalized listings
  • Help keep Facebook free
  • Support companies that rely on ads to reach their customers

We are well aware of how the new version works iOS 14.5 released by Apple A few days ago Introduced so-called computer for all applications Application tracking transparency Users are more than likely to have complete control over their privacy in monitoring their data from apps on their smartphone or tablet. With the new update, applications will now have to display a request for approval before users can track any data in others. Applications and Websites.

We know how A significant portion of Facebook and Instagram’s business model is based on advertising sales Through its applications and services. Small businesses can use Facebook’s advertising functionality to target ads for specific customers or statistics. .

The update was released to the public last week And every day more and more applications started showing up on the ATT line for users.Facebook had previously given an idea of ​​what this message would look like Now, with the update, the social media company is slowly starting to offer it to users. In an updated blog post, Facebook calls this message something “Education News” That “Helps people make informed decisions about how their information is used”Instagram, owned by Facebook, displays the same message that enables tracking users “Help keep Instagram free”.

As Apple claims that it is allowed to provide additional pop-ups, we will show an educational screen before presenting it on Apple’s line to help people make informed decisions about how their information is being used. And how we control the use of the functions that websites send us. Our screen informs people that they are looking at the Apple line due to Apple’s requirements for iOS 14.5.

Facebook will post this message to more users in the coming days and weeks, so not everyone will see it right now. Published in part iOS 14.5 update, Which came with other notable features including capability Open an iPhone with an attached Apple Watch, Big changes in podcasts and so on.You can see our iOS 14.5 guideTo see everything as new.

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