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Open beta interrupted for issues with matchmaking -

Open beta interrupted for issues with matchmaking –

‘S open beta test phase Residency Evil re: verse, A multiplayer game planned as part of the Resident Evil Village suite. “Must” is the correct word because Capcom has decided to discontinue testing due to continuity Problems in matchmaking.

The announcement, which you can see below, came via one of the company’s official Twitter accounts. Capcom Development Section 1 explained that it had been detecting Resident Evil Re: verse matching issues for several hours. The team continues to investigate issues: To solve them definitively, it was decided to stop the beta phase.

This time It is not clear how long the open beta will last. Departure date not specified. We will have to wait for Capcom to give us new information about it. Developers are more likely to extend the trial period of Resident Evil Re: verse once it is available again.

This time, however, many RE fans are showing more interest Resident Evil Village: The game will be shown again at a special event. Also, the second demo is already on BSN, found out if it will be available next week?

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