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Extreme Off-Road Truck Simulator Heavy Duty Challenge to be released for PC in the fall

Extreme Off-Road Truck Simulator Heavy Duty Challenge to be released for PC in the fall

Accuracy, sheer strength and above all, nerves like wire ropes – that’s the extreme road truck simulator Heavy duty challenge In. ‘S new title Aerosoft And Nano game PC will be released at the end of 2021. If you can not wait, you will have the opportunity to watch the game meticulously on a public PlayStation on Steam this weekend. There are three trucks (one Unimok and two MAN models) as well as an open world level with eight compartments. PlayStest runs from Thursday, June 3, 2021 until Sunday, June 6, 2021. Players can use this Steam page Participates in the Heavy Duty Challenge Platest.

To be released later this year, a total of 10 powerful trucks in three divisions await the brave truck drivers in the Heavy Duty Challenge. In a real-time league system based on the European truck test, players operate up to the primary class of 4-axes in order to win the title of champion in truck tests.

The Heavy Duty Challenge is officially supported Europa truck test. Organizer Jன்rgen Funke: “I am pleased to support the development of the Nano Games and Aerosoft game. Heavy Duty Challenge will be the action-packed and realistic virtual version of our off-road truck game. It’s already so much fun – let’s go! “

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