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CyberPunk 2077 Abandon des joueurs

Players have completely removed Cyberbunk 2077

This is without a doubt the biggest issue for December 2020, the last major upsurge in the world of video games this year. After more than 7 years of waiting, Cyberbunk 2077 is finally available from December 10th. Alas, the latter happened very badly on PCs and consoles.

Most ambitiously, Cyberbunk 2077 came to a dangerous state on the system and was quickly fixed when released with large patches. As for the console versions (PS4 and Xbox One, the next gen versions are to come this year), the catastrophe could not be avoided. This game, which cannot be played on 2013 computers, is not acceptable on the PS4 Pro (2016) and Xbox One X (2017).

The problem is, CD Project Red (the game’s developers) have publicly promised that console versions will work better. The studio console test was banned prior to the game’s release (hence Our decision not to preview Cyberpunk 2077) And the resulting errors followed.

Conflict over pushing Sony Remove the game from sale on its PlayStation Store. Complaint from investors, Withdrawal of PS4 and Xbox One games without any justificationIn short, unheard of for the long-awaited AAA game. However, the victory was (early) A recording start on Steam More than one million players have been linked simultaneously and more than 13 million copies have been sold.

A month after its release, the success is not really that valuable.

Cyberpunk 2077: Four times fewer players in three weeks

With more than a million players connected simultaneously at the time of the release of Steam, Cyberbunk 2077 quadrupled its figures, bringing 225,000 players “together”. The fall, which can be explained in several ways:

  • First of all, Cyberbunk 2077 is a single player game that offers a relatively short main frame, many players may have already finished the game.
  • Later, some players may get tired of bugs and other technical issues (which are still rare on the system).
  • Finally, others do not have to stick to CD Project Red’s latest game universe.
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Either way, it’s very disturbing to see so many players leaving the best version of Cyberbunk 2077. We are very curious about the number of players who have stopped console versions or demanded a refund of the game since its release. Post-release. Of course, these figures are not yet known.

We’ll have to wait for the first big connection to come this month, and then the second in February. These two updates should provide console gamers with an acceptable experience on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Finally, CD Project Red promised Rain of free DLC at the beginning of 2021. This will no doubt inspire many players to return to the dark and bustling streets of Night City.