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Extended Tech.gouv program at home

The “shocking effect” of the health crisis has now been overcome. At best, the latter “gave a focus on digital,” according to the director தீனும், Nadi Po Hanna, during the second review of the primary project Tech.gouv, Tuesday, September 14th.

Launched in 2019 with a map for three years, the project is “globally sustainable” this year as it enters its home area, according to its director Xavier Alboy. Of the 43 projects, Dynam notes that “9 are now completed, 1 will be completed by the end of 2021 and 5 new ones will enter in 2021”.

This report reveals a number of improvements because within the 8 missions listed (label, item, data, infra, pilot, talent, beta and transpo) some projects leave the program, while others are developed or rearranged.

According to Nadi Po Hannah, this is the case for projects linked to sovereignty and cyber security moving to the “new priority, at the forefront”. But urban planning, or projects linked to data (“say once” logic, open data, etc.).

Overview of the progress of hot projects for communities.

Integrated into the digital transformation of territories project

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