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"Experts agree that security breach is a major concern"

“Experts agree that security breach is a major concern”

Hello Biloute77,

This is not very possible. Although the vulnerability of one of Apple’s data hosting services iCloud’s web tools was shown on Friday, it did not tell us what it could do in practice. For example, it needs to know what access Log4j has on servers. In principle, large companies use security to separate the various tools running on their servers.

As you say, we now see the use of two main types of error in nature:

However, if large-scale attacks are carried out using “Log4j” it will not be known for several weeks. This defect alone is not enough to control the network, it will act as an entry point. To popularize, once you get somewhere, you will try to “sideline”, which means you can use other known vulnerabilities in other software to infect the rest of the network. Moreover, Microsoft has already noticed the installation on servers (usually not recognized), using “Log4j”, the most popular software among the “beacons” Cobalt Strike, state hackers and cybercriminals.

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