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Exotic plant with beautiful flowers that grow well on the balcony in October

Exotic plant with beautiful flowers that grow well on the balcony in October

Anemone HoopehenzisAlso called The Japanese, It is a Perennial bulb plant Originally from China, the name by which it is known may be incorrect.

It produces elegant, pure white flowers, although some varieties have shades of pink or white. They are simple or semi-double and cup-shaped corollas, with several petals between six and nine. Its leaves are large, light green and very dense. Even when not in bloom, the Japanese anemone has good decorative value, thanks to branches with spherical hearts similar to small balls. This is a description of an exotic plant with beautiful flowers that grows well on the balcony in October.

Its flowering period is between September and October, the time when many garden plants slow down their plants in preparation for winter. Japanese anemone is a plant that can give color to a balcony or garden when it is dull than usual.

Exotic plant with beautiful flowers that grow well on the balcony in October

The plant should be moved to the sun by the end of September, but should escape the autumn winds, favoring its immediate flowering. In summer, it is best to stay in dim light only. In the first new autumn, its stem grows and flowers finally begin to appear. Initially they emerge as small buds and slowly transform until they take the shape of beautiful and elegant flowers. If the anemone is young, it may not bloom. It takes at least two years to start producing abundant flowers.

Which soil to put in and which pot to use

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It is suitable for any type of soil, but prefers slightly sandy and loamy soils. The floor should be fine Filtered, Soft and deep, because the roots of the anemone spread a lot. Precisely for this reason, it is important to choose a large pot with a diameter between forty to fifty centimeters.

How much maintenance does it require?

The Japanese anemone does not require much care. First, it usually does not need water, except during periods of drought. In this case, it is better to intervene in rare irrigation. With the advent of winter it enters plant dormancy, so it is no longer needed.

This plant should not be replanted, moved or uprooted. Any of these actions can prevent it from blooming next season. To encourage abundant flowering, you can apply a slow release fertilizer to the flowering plants from spring to autumn. For the rest, it is a very resistant plant to parasites, but it easily attracts snails and chickens, greedy for its bare leaves. Properly drained soil can reduce the risk of fungal diseases affecting the plant.

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