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Chrome to repair already used 0-day vulnerability, emergency connection

Chrome to repair already used 0-day vulnerability, emergency connection

Posted by Google Chrome 94.0.4606.61For Windows, MacOS and Linux, this is an urgent update Fixes the most important zero-day vulnerability Already exploited by evil actors. The new version will be installed automatically in the browser, otherwise we recommend doing it manually through the settings.

“Google Aware of CVE-2021-37973 Exploitation”The company said in a statement on Friday. The update was released worldwide on the standard desktop channel and is available to all users these days. The browser checks for new updates at each boot load and should automatically download and install at the next restart as usual.

New 0-day bug detected and exploited in Chrome

The Vulnerable Announced on The first standard version of Google Chrome 94On September 21st, Google partnered with TAG’s Clement Lesin, Google Project Zero’s Sergei Klasunov and Mark Brand. Identified as CVE-2021-37973, Error without user affiliate and the portal is in the new navigation system of web pages.

Exploitation may allow attackers Enable arbitrary coding in unlinked versions of Chrome. Google noted that the vulnerability had already been exploited, but did not release further details: “Access to bug details and links will be restricted until most users update with the fix or the bug persists in a third-party library on which other programs depend.”, He clarified.

There are eleven 0-day vulnerabilities in Chrome this year, including only three in September.