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Traffic restrictions in Mondovì - official documents for download and print

Traffic restrictions in Mondovì – official documents for download and print

The municipal and local police have released an official document with all the summaries of the six traffic blocks to come into force in Mondovì.

Download and print:

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Local Police Brochure

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Document in A4

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When did the restrictions come into force?

Let’s start by saying that – it’s so important – that The command still does not apply in Mondovì because there are no symptoms. This only applies to city access roads from the day the signs are placed, and from the day new fluorescent panels are installed and operated, it warns the existing modules.

New standard
A quick summary

In a municipality like Mondovì there are two types of limitations: “Structural limits” are valid at certain times of the year, regardless of the level of pollution, and “temporary” limits induced when the city’s pollution levels are exceeded. Pollution levels will only be monitored during the period from September 15 to April 15. Every day ARPA Piemonte publishes pollution and forecasts for each city on its website for the next 24 hours. Limitations do not apply to everyone, but only to certain types of cars that we describe on these pages.

The restrictions in Mondovì apply to the entire residential center. In other words, Pro, Piazza, Altipiano, Ferron, Borgo, Carazon and Sand’Anna, with all the connecting roads.

Not all roads are included in the block: To allow the city to cross, the municipality has decided to exit the province via Kunio-Montoway, SS28 and Lange – via Tanaro. So, to understand, the following are out of surveillance: Corso Studuto, Cavalieri di Italia Bridge, via Inadi, via Cornice, Piazza Mellano and three axes from here towards Guinea (via Primo Alpini and Guinea), towards Fosano (via Torino) and the highway ( And via Tanaro)
We must now believe that once the rules come into force, they will not create more confusion than they already are.

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