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Exclusive PS5 Postponed, New Release Date - Nerd 4. Life

Exclusive PS5 Postponed, New Release Date – Nerd 4. Life

The adjournment season will never end. Sony Announces Interactive Entertainment and Developer Housemark Will return, Exclusive attempt for PS5, will not come on the expected day. Like rude Postponed New release date April 30 2021. This means that the previous date was March 19, 2021, so the game will be delayed by more than a month.

The announcement came via Sony Interactive Entertainment’s official Twitter account. Here it is in translation: “Sony Interactive Entertainment and Housemark have decided to move the release date of Return. Complete the game Provide them with the quality that players expect from Housemark. ”

If you are unfamiliar with withdrawing, you should know that it is one A third-person shooter with a rogue-like structure. The protagonist is an astronaut, he has to fight to survive in an accident on an alien planet. However, from every death everything starts in a time cycle from the beginning: can we understand what is happening and how to free ourselves?

Return is a plan Very ambitious For Housemark, it is known today to create small headlines like Dear Resocon. This new rogue-like card changes and leaves the developers’ comfort zone, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t add some of the team’s trademarks like the Bullet Hell component.

You can find more details and battle in the trailer on the PS5 in our exclusive news.

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