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Pros and cons of entry content

Pros and cons of entry content

You know Content included? This type of content is accessible to Internet users in exchange for their information. The exchange of these good practices is a powerful way to gather data about your prospects.

However, not all content can function successfully as locked content. Is this the right trick for your strategy? Once your leads are collected, what are the next steps?

Demystify it Entry content, B2B This advantage of content marketing

The principle of locked content is simple: exchange value-added content for action with interested people – often their information (especially their name and email address). The Entry content Can take many forms and face different goals.

This value-added content should be relevant to your needs. Above all, provide it by controlling the brakes as much as possible during the consultation, which is essential. User experience (Discipline of web design). Internet users need to cross the gap in their internet journey Form Information stands between them and the content. So this form is important Short and easy to use!

Here are two examples of tricks that use copyrighted content and their purposes:

  • Provide your content using a to add names to your lead bank Pop-up window (Pop-up) Or a Inevitable landing page. In a simple and effective way, it is Landing page They need to convince the user of all the benefits of downloading an ebook, cheat sheet or tutorial.
  • Offer Entry content Exclusively for your customers. Whether accessible via customer portal or newsletter, your video, your practice tool or your featured article should contribute to maintaining a lasting relationship with them.

Cadet content turns anonymous viewers into leads, but can also stand in the way. It’s about time and presentation!

An Gravity Marketing Strategy (Incoming marketing), Different types of content should be one on multiple sites for different purposes. Not to be outdone by some web users, the most common open access content is bundled with very specialized locked content!

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The Entry content: Brilliant idea or false good idea?

Even though Entry content An effective trick, it is still necessary to keep these features in mind to unlock its full potential.

  1. Choose the right design. Your protected content should be attractive to your expectations. Ask yourself: What attracts the reader, and is that “magnet” strong enough to go through a few steps before opening the content? On the contrary, it is only one click to see anywhere else!

    For example, tooCase study Heavyweight in B2B marketing, this may not be the most impressive format for your goals. So the next point!
  2. Aim for the right time in the buying cycle. The key to this is this: choosing the right stage of the customer journey or delivering value-added content in exchange for information from your opportunities.

    They are too quick in the buying process, and they do not want to try to fill out the form or see the benefit in it. Too late, they may have already found the information they need or their purchase decision may have already been made – to your advantage or not!
  3. Provide content that is accessible “for free”. CIt is essential to create content for each stage of your customer journey. In addition Entry contentMust have accessible articles or videos. Thus you maintain your credibility and deliver useful content to your opportunities at your gateway Transforming funnel. This is a win-win!
  4. Need resources and time to deal with leads. Who will process, respond, and follow? If no one in your group can explore them, what good is a web site if it simply “blends in” with everything else out there?
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Another think about it: only protected content generates little traffic to your website and carries little weight. SEO. So this feature should be supported by other aspects of your content strategy. Would your content be more effective if it appeared on Google search results pages or was locked?

If you want to shine your expertise in a different way, the possibilities are many: customer training, all kinds of insecure content or, Brand Awareness Strategy!

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5 best practices for the success of your protected content

Your Entry content Newly created or you decide to “lock” one of you Ebooks or white papers Already, there are many good practices.

  1. E-mail the download link for your locked content so you already have a foothold in your future inbox.
  2. Use this opportunity to get user approval to subscribe to your email list Increase the number of recipients of your newsletter.
  3. Then get involved in the seriesAutomatic actions As a result of downloading your value-added content. For example: after 10 days, you can send another tool; After 20 days, a study. After 30 days, you can follow someone on sale. Create Entry content Is not an order!
  4. Measure the collected data. How many times has your content download page met your expectations? Are the responses to your poll positive? This information will help you adjust the shot as needed.
  5. Manage collected tracks. If you do not have the capacity to handle a large number of leads, you run the risk of investing Entry content Just! To help you list your customers, a CRM software (Customer contact management) Embraced Is a leading tool and makes it easy to measure the ROI of your campaigns.
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It will help you to weigh the pros and cons further Entry content Or give yourself a hand if you are overwhelmed by leads, do not hesitate Call on our strategists for redemption!