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Tutto facile per il Milan: 0-3 a Venezia, Leao-show e doppio Theo. Rossoneri per ora primi

Everything is easy for Milan: 0-3 in Venice, Leo-Show and Double Theo. Rosonery for the first time for now

Venice – Milan 0-3 – 2 ‘Ibrahimovic, 48’ and 59 ‘Rick. Hernandez

Everything was simple for Milan, who won against Venice, who could stop the game after a few minutes, manage it, and then end the discussion within hours of playing. There were never dangerous pools, and goals from the cold effectively destroyed Janetti’s strategy. Within half an hour of the end Svoboda’s exit actually led the team to lower the white flag early.

Coaches’ Choices – Stefano Pioli started Rafael Leo in the first minute, he has not been in the starting 11 against Salerno since last December 4th. The Salemakers turn right when Midfield is in place for Pacquiao with Tony. The defensive quartet seen against Roma has been confirmed. As for Venice, there are many changes compared to the last game of 2021 against Lazio, but the big news is Cuisance, he made his debut in Serie A.

Ibra now opens it – Milan took the lead after 3 minutes: Sladen Ibrahimovic scored with the most classic tape-ins, and Rafael Leo’s brilliant rhythm set, he broke to the left and put it in the middle. It was Sweden’s eighth goal in 13 games.

The Rosary Management – For Bioli’s guys, the game manages the game easily without pushing too hard. Some interesting tears from Leo ahead, a careful midfielder and a defender who is in little danger. Not much of a chance, Milan tried from a distance with Theo Hernandez and Florence to find Romero’s answer.

Theo Collider Edition – While the Saelemaekers were booked, Pioli played when Messias returned to the field. Although once again in the Assist Man version, Leo still hosts the show. Double in the 48th minute: Portuguese Theo Hernandez deep-fires, he cuts to the center of the area, burns Massocchi’s mark and drops Romero to his left and dies in a nearby post. The trio come in at 59: Svoboda’s incredible mistake serving Ibrahimovic in the back pass. Sweden tried the decision and found Romero’s answer. Fourth goal in the league, including three against Venice.

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Momentary Primate – While waiting for Inter-Lazio, only Milan topped the standings. Rosoneri currently has two more games than Inter. The victory of “Penzo” gives the Pioli men, who celebrate the best of the Seri A. Milan 400 benches facing Genoa in the Italian Cup on Thursday before playing against Spezia on the 17th, further inject hope. Tony, who was warned and received a yellow card in the afternoon, will miss the opportunity. He will return to the “Mountain Grand Prix” moment, with that calendar placing Rosoneri first in front of Juventus and then Inter.