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Evaluation Panel, Any Tasks and Roles: Download Regulations

Evaluation Panel, Any Tasks and Roles: Download Regulations

The Teacher Evaluation Committee was formed as a result of the former art. 11 d. lgs. 297/94 Art was replaced by paragraph 129. 1 l. 107/2016. The teacher evaluation committee consists of the head teacher, three teachers working in the school organization, two of them teaching staff, one by the school council, and one parent representative elected by the school council, a USR-identified external component among teachers, school managers and technical managers.

Tasks of the team
But what are the tasks of the team?
Based on this, the team identifies the criteria for improving teachers:

  • Contribution to the quality of teaching and the development of the educational institution and the academic and academic success of students;
  • Collaborations on decisions made by the teacher or team of teachers regarding the improvement of students’ skills and artificial and systematic inventions, as well as the expansion, documentation and dissemination of good teaching practices;
  • Responsibilities for organizational and artificial integration and staff training;
  • The team evaluates the service specified in Art. Legislative Order 448 297/94 at the request of interested parties following the report of the School Manager; In the case of evaluating the service of a teacher who is a member of the committee, the person concerned will not participate in the work and the school council will identify an alternative. According to the committee, the teaching staff also uses powers to rehabilitate. 501 d. lgs. 297/94

Term of office
The term of the Committee is three school years. If one of the members loses the status of teacher in service at the school, an subordination is made with another member appointed by the council, if more members lose this position, a new post of college or council is held If one or more parents lose the position, go to the new appointment of the board.

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Committee meeting
The conference of the Committee shall belong only to the President or any other member of the committee he has appointed. This committee is convened by the President whenever deemed necessary. The President is obliged to call it at the request of one-third of the Committee members. The conference request – signed by the interested party – should be addressed to the chairman himself and should indicate the topics to be discussed. The committee may also convene in an extraordinary session.

The procedure of the meeting shall be by e-mail and, as a rule, at least 5 days before the date of the meeting or in any case not earlier than 48 hours from the date of the meeting, except for exceptional urgent reasons.
For urgent reasons, at the beginning of each meeting, with the consent of the majority of the members of the committee, the agenda can be coordinated. Team members who are unable to attend meetings must notify the leader in writing by email.

Committee meetings are valid if half of its appointed members are plus one. Since the number of committee members is 7, the committee session is valid if at least 4 members participate.

If any decision is to be made, the vote is clear. Resolutions are adopted by an absolute majority of votes, whether for or against, validated by the members present, and in the event of a tie, the votes of the President prevail.

Regarding the nature of the votes cast in a valid manner, voting cannot be considered as a proper expression of will and therefore should not be counted as expressed votes.

The publication of the Committee’s activities takes place on the company’s website by publishing a full copy of the minutes of each session, signed by the President and the Secretary, in a designated area of ​​teaching staff.

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Minutes Secretary
The Committee identifies the Secretary within minutes of the Secretary and the President (Editor-in-Chief) signing. The secretary can be identified by explicitly mentioning only one session.

Constitution and deliberate greed

  • It is valid even if all members do not express their representation;
  • For the session to be valid, the office must have at least one half-plus member.
    Resolutions are adopted by a valid majority vote; Abstaining from voting is a valid express vote; In the event of a tie, the president’s vote will prevail.

The voting for the decisions to be made is clear; It is only a secret if it refers to people. Resolutions are adopted by an absolute majority of valid votes (50%). Voting votes are considered null when they contribute to the formation of the quorum, and they do not take into account the required majority for the resolution.
In the event of a tie, the president’s vote will prevail.

Status of team members
All members of the team are equally responsible for processing personal data in accordance with Art. 30 of d. lgs. 196/2003. 3 They are bound to strictly adhere to the confidentiality duties they have been assigned. lgs. 196/2003.

Changes and additions to the criteria
Group, with an explicit reference to the responsibilities referred to in paragraph 3 of Art. 11 of TUR, edited by Art. 129 of the Act determines the adoption or confirmation of the criteria relating to the regulation or development of teachers and any requests for modification and consolidation by each 30th of September; The above amendments and additions directly a. S. Note.

Minutes of group meetings
The Committee, through the Secretary, draws the minutes of its meetings in a special register provided by the Chairman; Minutes report separately for each item on the agenda, essential elements of the activities undertaken and the decisions taken; Members are interested in recording their positions or statements and should make an explicit request stating what they would like to report within minutes.

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Each minute may be signed by the Secretary and Chairman and drawn up and approved directly at the end of the session; In this case, it contains the following words, before the signatures: “These minutes will be read, approved and signed at the end of the session”.
Minutes can also be drawn in adjourned format based on notes taken during the session; In this case, it was read or explained and approved at the following session and before the signatures contained the following: “These minutes were drawn up in a deferred form based on the notes taken during the session and submitted for approval to the following session of the Committee”. The above symptoms are a requirement for validation of sessions; The decisions of the panel are impartial to the appellate procedure e
Subsequent changes to the panel will be effective immediately at the end of the material of the session in which they are considered.

Confidentiality duty
All team members:

  • Equivalent to those responsible for processing personal data in accordance with Art. 30 of d. lgs. 196/20003;
  • d Confidentiality provided is bound in the precise observance of duties. lgs. 196/2003 and there are no specific rules in the school regulations.

Access to documents
Used in access forms for documents prepared by the Committee and within the limits provided by L. 241/1990 and subsequent revisions and additions.

Some schools have adopted a specific regulation for the administration of the evaluation committee. Excellent choice and advised. Among these companies is, for example, the state-wide company Abano Termin, headed by Editor-in-Chief Barbara Stevens.

Regulatory-Team-Evaluation Model