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Incredible bugs from our first standard release

Incredible bugs from our first standard release

On October 5, Microsoft officially launched its new operating system Windows 11, launching the most recent compatible engines, and this major update proposed on the waves is expected to be widely used in the next few weeks.

Owners of machines that meet all of Microsoft’s criteria for installing Windows 11 must be patient in believing that they will be transferring their machine to Windows 11 through the official channel for Windows 11 under Windows 10.
PC that does not want to wait and fully meets the specifications of Microsoft Install this update without waiting, By starting it manually.

Anyway, Windows 11 is officially available in a standard version and can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft site. After three months of testing during the Preview Insider on our Surface Go laptop, Microsoft machine, it’s time to do a clean reinstall of Windows 11. Unfortunately, not everything went as planned.

Find out more in the video:

Windows 10 Start Menu

To clean and reinstall Windows 11 on our computer, we created a bootable installation USB key Media Creating Tool Windows 11, The official tool provided by Microsoft on its site.

The reinstallation of the OS went exactly right. Problems started when setting up the operating system.
Theoretically, the Pro version of Windows 11, which we reinstalled on our computer, would have provided us with an OS configuration guide to connect to our Microsoft account to complete machine settings if it allowed us to create a local account. That is not the case.
Don’t worry, you can add your Microsoft account later from the settings. Once all the Windows 11 configuration windows were gone, the desktop displayed was amazing: we had the Windows 11 wallpaper, but the Windows 10 Start menu.

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After checking the settings, Windows 11 is installed on the system. This first bug was fortunately only short-lived as a simple restart of the engine was enough to revive Windows 11’s centralized start menu.

Microsoft Store for non-subscribers

But this time a very annoying second bug emerged while researching the new Windows 11 screenshot module. Banos Banoy teased on Twitter.

Unable to catch it, the tool is simply missing from the computer. However, Windows includes another option. When activated from the menu Use Settings> Access> (Contact) Keyboard> Print Screen Button, This allows you to use the Print Screen button to launch the Screen Capture app. Here again, we did nothing. If the application opens well and allows screenshots to be taken, nothing will be saved on our computer, not even in the exclusive screenshot directory, not in the folder Images Windows 11.

Okay, so we decided to try to search the Microsoft Store and see if the official Microsoft Screenshot Tool can be downloaded there, based on policy for Redmond’s giant apps.

Surprisingly, it was not included in the Microsoft Store taskbar because it was in the previews we tested earlier. Unfortunately after fully exploring us All applications From the Start menu, and after listening to the Windows 11 search engine, not the Microsoft Store.

Apparently, Microsoft did not seem to be unaware of this problem with finding the Microsoft Store on Windows On its support pages (Sometimes roughly in French), advice on how to figure it out. After trying all the recommended manipulations, the Microsoft Store is no longer with subscribers.

The only remaining solution is to post a comment on Microsoft’s Comment Hub (which allows us to evaluate Windows 10) to describe the problem we are facing.

Microsoft Edge is unusable

During the use of this standard version of Windows 11, we were able to detect other bugs and non-contact with Microsoft, even if newly installed.
The Microsoft Edge web browser is obsolete, has been shown to be out of date by Windows 11, and we need to download and reinstall it again for the browser to work.

We need to see if our case is isolated. The bugs we encountered while using this standard version of Windows 11 are quite surprising in any case, no problems of this type were detected when using the preview.

However, the problem may be due to the ISO downloaded through the Media Creation Tool for generating the Microsoft Installation USB Key.
After reinstalling Windows 11 from the settings of this erroneous version, take care to download a new copy from the cloud, the version of Windows 11 does not look the same as our Surface Go laptop. The configuration of the OS forced us to identify ourselves using our Microsoft account, and all of the errors mentioned above have disappeared. The Microsoft Store is back, with a new version of the Microsoft Edge “out of the box” and screen capture tool in the game. A surprising twist. The potential error from Microsoft is even greater. Is there a bug in your Windows 11, or not?