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'Euphoria' special episode sends HBO Max app downloads to new heights

‘Euphoria’ special episode sends HBO Max app downloads to new heights

HBO Max receives some good news amid a week of controversy: special episode of its Emmy-winning youth drama Ecstasy Prompted more app downloads from Warnermedia to the new streaming service.

On Friday night, when the special episode debuted, HBO Max downloads peaked at number 9 on non-game downloads in the United States. App Annie, Mobile application location tracking service.

Ecstasy Struggling with addiction, family challenges, a relationship and more, Ru Bennett follows the complex life of a high school. Zentaya won this year’s Best Actress Emmy for her role as Rhea in the first season of the show.

Euphoria Special Chapter Part 1 Street H.P. The subscription video service launched slowly in May amid epidemics, the cancellation of most of the products of its new shows, brand chaos, slow subscriber visits and distribution battles with Amazon.
And Rogu.

Those challenges continue. Many HBO subscribers still get HBO Max for free, with a lot more programming. HBO Max has 12.6 million active subscribers, more than twice as many as HBO, with some 28.7 million subscriptions.

Programming stunt with such a high-level show Ecstasy Amir Godrati, director of Market Intelligence App Annie, said WarnerMedia could make a difference as it puts a bigger challenge on HBO Max for its future.

“(It) will lead to greater involvement and retention,” Godrati said. “Discounts and free trials can help get users into habits and create habits.

HBO Max and WarnerMedia can use the help right now. The company announced last Thursday that it will release all 17 films of the 2021 Warner Bros. movie simultaneously on HBO Max and theaters. It previously announced a similar treatment for one of its 2020 blockbusters, Wonder Woman 1984, The theater was repeatedly delayed by the effects of the epidemics.

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The decision stunned Hollywood, including WarnerMedia’s own production partners (including Legendary Entertainment, co-sponsored) Sand And Godzilla vs. Cong In films on slate), creative talent fighting in profit-sharing deals, theater chains and other studios in their projects.

Christopher Nolan, who directed Warner’s biggest films of the last decade, cheered the studio on this end this week. HBO Max results in “worst streaming service” and “no sense”.

Nolan’s latest film, Denet, It was only released in theaters in September at his insistence. It performed poorly, especially in the United States, where it grossed just over $ 57 million per film, which is estimated to cost more than $ 200 million to produce.

Grandma Jenkins, director Wonder Woman 1984, Supported Nolan’s position, but the studio’s said The results confirmed that his film would be viewed by millions in a timely manner, Which is important to her. Another issue was that all Hollywood studios have so-called “day and date” releases, and some creators may be motivated to work with a studio that does not select releases at the same time.