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Don't worry if your 'Cyberbunk 2077' Steam download gets stuck at 57.4GB

Don’t worry if your ‘Cyberbunk 2077’ Steam download gets stuck at 57.4GB

If you are wondering why the number “57.4” is mysteriously popular on Twitter, it’s weird as the number suggests. Cyberpunk 2077 Opened tonight at 7:00 pm on Steam and Stadia, it delivers a simultaneous global release as opposed to a rolling console release. When that happens, the game still downloads some data even if you have already loaded it. Also, for a ton of people, that download number is 57.4GB.

So if you are wondering what is going on, don’t worry. This happened to me, it stuck for a few minutes and then the download was taken again. From what I can say, this exact thing is happening to a whole ton of people on social media – settling for itself just like mine.

I’m curious about what’s going on here, so I’ll reach out to CD Project Red and see if there’s any answers.

Once the download has restarted, you can basically start it once it is done, almost like some kind of background installation is going on.

I’ve been playing the game for over an hour now, and so far it has been interesting: you’re the creator of the character and the promise of a unique, customizable main character, it’s not really a game. As V begins to speak, your idea of ​​who they are is overwritten by the personality and writing of the voice actor. The beginning was also remarkably trains, which so far have been briefly stopped during my playing time. I think things are going to open up, but still, it feels a little harder than I expected in these early moments.

But whether it is the first hour or so, it is important but only so much. It’s very sleek and stylish, as well as a great way to take my new superpower system to a test drive. Wait more in the morning.

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