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Essential apps to download to travel quietly in China -

Essential apps to download to travel quietly in China –

Our travel system has evolved a lot, especially thanks to the applications. This statement is even more true when it comes to China. To avoid many worries related to language barrier or other travel, here is a list of apps that we recommend you download before leaving for China.

VPN application for Internet access

Without a VPN in China, you can’t do much. In fact, the apps you can use for daily use are not accessible from China. This means that not all Google apps like Gmail, Google Map or Google Translate can access Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This is why VPN is essential. There are many equivalent Chinese applications, but a VPN will be much easier for you.

Communicative translation application

When mastering the official Chinese language Mandarin, Plego is one of the best applications. This will also save you time if you can not read a real pocket dictionary, menus, signs etc. or translate the name that attracts tourists on your China trip. If you have previously downloaded French and Chinese, you can also choose Google Translate, which allows you to use it offline.

An application to get around without getting lost

Of course Google Maps comes to mind by default, but beware, keep in mind that all Google apps are blocked in China, so if you want to use it, remember VPN. Otherwise, download the Byte Map app, which is the Chinese equivalent of Google Maps and, above all, you can use a service from the country you are visiting. In principle, byte maps can be constantly updated and take you to your destination, but you should follow the plan as the application does not provide voice directions in French.

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Application for transport in China

There are different applications depending on the type of transport you want to use in China. As for the taxis, we recommend DT Suxing, which is Chinese Uber. As for the Metro, the China Metro app allows you to specify a route based on your departure location and arrival. For train travel, China train booking is an essential utility to organize your travels and book your train tickets.

An application for measuring air quality

This is not entirely necessary, but if you are worried about traveling to China due to pollution issues, it will reassure you. We recommend the Air Visual app, which is not just for China. The app allows you to see air pollution rates in real time and make forecasts for the coming days just like the weather apps it provides you.

So here you are ready to go to China. You can enjoy your stay with peace of mind without having to worry about how to get around without the need for a tour guide. You do not need to master the language to understand yourself. All of this, thanks to your phone and minimal setup before you go on vacation.