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Esport: GamersOrigin trio beat ZLAN

Esport: GamersOrigin trio beat ZLAN

Lucas “Leaf” Revenge of Loyson. Less than a year after losing in the final of ZLAN 2021, the former professional playerOverwatch Won the 2022 edition of this multicame competition (Rocket League, Riders Republic, Age of Empires, Tasmo…) Hosted by Streamer Adrian “Gerottor” Nougart. Preserving the colors of the CommerceOrigin Club, Leaf and his teammates Alban “Shuh” Pleger and Philippe “Oslo” Carvalho, former supporters Overwatch And Fortnight They also beat Nicolas “Nico” 4-1 in the final against Sterla.

The GO trio were one of the ultimate winners of a unique competition in sports because it requires significant diversity from its participants. This year’s level was particularly high, with an ever-increasing number of teams taking the event very seriously and preparing meticulously. The training of “Kodaka” Hussein, the French follower of Twentieth (3.5 million followers), was defeated by the future winners in the semifinals.

Due to its unique format and the fact that there are many personalities from the streaming platform as players or commentators, ZLAN again attracted millions of people over the weekend. ZeratoR used this opportunity to remind you that after two delays due to infection, the Trokmania Cup will be held in Persia in early June 2022.

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