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We’ve got someone working on a Nintendo Weave

We’ve got someone working on a Nintendo Weave

Since its release in June 2018, it has been available on PC, mobile and most recently Nintendo Switch among us. It’s all good and good, but what about Nintendo Wii’s previous console?

One fan, in particular, decided to do the work themselves and take matters into their own hands. The fan among us posted their results on Reddit (below) and explained that they got the social exclusion game that works on Nintendo Weave. Basically, they integrated two Ethernet adapters into their router. After that, they used WiiVNC and TightVNC server to stream between us from computer to Wii.

But at what cost does all this come? The Reddit user agrees that this is not exactly the case, and the evidence for the opinion is overwhelming. As you can see below it is very slow and gentle between us. But, hey! We can play with us remotely. Also, I don’t think Doom and Skyrim recipients running a pregnancy test or keyboard are thinking about optimal performance, you know?

You can see it for yourself below:

I work at Nintendo Weave. From Among us

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