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Error locating my network Allows me to send messages to any nearby iPhone

Security analyst Fabian Branlin published a blog post that explains how the Locate network can be used as a common data transfer mechanism. This is a major drawback that allows you to send messages to all nearby iPhones.

Apple sells millions of iPhones, iPods and Macs worldwide. Thanks to this, the company has succeeded in creating a great network for its location service. However, it is currently vulnerable.

Find (Find Me) – Credit: Apple

The Find My Network is used by Apple to report the location of devices to any nearby iPhone, Mac or other Apple device. Based on new airtights, allowing you to find lost items. In fact, This Location Network uses other active iOS devices as nodes to transfer location data.

Although it may not seem completely impossible for hackers to hack and republish the tracker, Fabian Brunlin has proven it The protocol they use suffers from another major flaw.

The researcher sent messages to all nearby iPhones

Fabian Brunlin’s discovery allows devices without an Internet connection to download arbitrary data using nearby Apple devices Send messages and download data.

So the researcher succeeded Send text messages by recreating the airtight communication system on the network Sends community and their GPS coordinates as encrypted message. The message came through a Mac running a custom app that decoded the message.

Although data transfer on the locate network is encrypted and anonymized, it is often criticizedIt will run by default. In fact, users need to go to its settings if they want to disable their devices.

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For now, it is unclear if this flaw could be used by malicious purposes by hackers and if Apple can fix it. We imagine that the American company is already looking into the issue.

Source: Fabian Brenlin