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Battlefield 2042 Technology Preview Game Videos

Battlefield 2042 Technology Preview Game Videos

While all players have to be quiet about the 2042 Technology Platest experience on their battlefield, again some players don’t take those rules seriously. Launched a few hours ago in the Portfield 2042 Technology Preview, it’s been a short time since game leaks surfaced on the Internet.

Before you watch the videos, it should be noted in advance that the context of the game does not seem to be optimal at the present time. The current overall graphic quality of Battlefield 2042 Technology Preview is similar to the early alpha version and is not representative of the quality of the game at the time of release.

Both videos are played on an “orbit” map. The map is a medium-sized map with a space center. This map is said to be one of the dynamic maps where sudden storms can form.

The first clip shows the M5A3 assault rifle. Now the banned tester “Casper” is playing an expert. The clip shows two firefights in the narrow and dense forest and also in the industrial area known as the Crawlerway. But the video shows very well how to run, slide and cover on the battlefield in 2042. Overall, Battlefield 2042 is much faster than previous titles of ownership.

The second video is slightly longer and shows some of the vehicles available. Among other things, the robot dog, the tablet control system for calling vehicles, cropping racks and more. The video shows a map overview and a spawn screen, where you can select experts, weapons and gadgets.

If the first two videos are not enough for you, we have the third video, which is about 11 minutes long. The video shows about half a round game at different angles on the battlefield 2042 multiplayer map orbit.

For players who want to stay in the tanks, there is a short video from one tank to another. Unfortunately, the quality is relatively poor and there is no sound in this video.

Battlefield 2042 October 22, 2021 PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC and will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Subscribers EA Play & EA Play Pro Battlefield 2042 can be played from October 15, 2021. Learn more about the various Battlefield 2042 versions Here.

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