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A new free bonus in May, that’s it

A new free bonus in May, that’s it

Surprisingly, a New PlayStation Plus Bonus For all Sony premium service subscribers. This is not about Extra game played in Spain But the extra package for one of the most loved and popular games at the moment.

Let’s talk about Apex Legends, PS Plus subscribers can retrieve named additional content PlayStation Plus Play Pack Contains some items to use in the game: Get the PlayStation Plus Play Pack and jump into an edge battle. Thanks to the materials inside, the weapons and legends are definitely not noticed.

What do you find inside the PlayStation Plus Playback? Two Legend skins (for Bloodhound and Rambort), two armored skins (SMG Vault and Hemlock) and two banners (Bloodhound and Rambert). This is aesthetic content to customize Legends of Apex Legends, plus a free package for members that will allow you to compete with some exclusive customizations.

The PlayStation Plus Free Game Series for May 2021 Battlefield V (PS4 and PS5), Reckfest (PS5 only) and Stranded Deep (PS4 and PS5) are already the first speculations Free PS Plus Games of June 2021 That They will be announced as usual on the last Wednesday of the month, Available the first Tuesday.

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