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Enjoy the video of this spectacular alien landscape taken by Comet 67b

Enjoy the video of this spectacular alien landscape taken by Comet 67b

The Comet “67b / Suriumov-Gerasimenko”. Rosetta Mission of the ESA.

We all know that Rosetta Exploration and Incredible Adventure of Flea Lander, Came close to the comet in 2014. During a long voyage to lock the comet and enter a steady course, the spacecraft captured several images of the comet. Often gives us photos and videos of impressive beauty.

The video you see at the bottom of the message, and that You can appreciate it even better at this link in GIF format, Has an exceptional history and allows a real alien landscape to take a definite look, which is amazing.

Film-making photos Captured in 2016, Before Rosetta’s last overflow around 67P, before crashing (voluntarily) to the surface of the comet. This is a very short sequence, but it actually represents more than 25 minutes of total tracking.

The images were released by ESA in 2018, but were animated by an amateur star and A Twitter user called Landru79. Since then, this video has been around the world, attracting fans and people of all ages.

Many have been identified in the video Appearing to be “ice”, But in reality it is a large amount of dust orbiting the comet’s central body. Also, it appears to be very thick and bulky because the dust particles are illuminated by the sun. Effects of cosmic rays on sensors Cameras, which often interfere and create the luminosity of light.

In the video you can admire – on the right side of the image – the galaxy stars of Canis Major, while in the upper left corner of the image (one tenth of a second) very noticeable bright spots appear: it is the star cluster NGC 2362.

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Space history of recent times, it reminds us of how many incredible things and how many Exciting discoveries Still waiting for us in the infinite curves of the universe.