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Enjoy Ravida's touching story now on Nintendo Switch

Enjoy Ravida’s touching story now on Nintendo Switch

Explore the intriguing clock tower in an attempt to find your lost memories.

Montpellier, April 21, 2022 – Benjamin Freez developer Benjamin Kiefer and publisher Dear Villagers (The Forgotten City, ScourgeBringer) today release their Rogulite operating system Revida on the Nintendo Switch and PC. Following the success of Early Access, Revita will be available on Steam for € 16.99 with a 20% discount until April 29.

“It’s a long way to go, and I’m very excited to be working with Revita for the past five years to release her,” said Benjamin Kiefer, Revita’s developer Benstar. ” We look forward to sharing.

“Revida is the love letter for the old twin stick, rogulite and platform games, distinguishing it from the competition with a certain polish and glamor,” said Guilloom Jamet, Dear Villagers’ publishing manager. “Playing Revida is a roller coaster: it’s so fast, so nervous, so addictive that you feel like you’re playing arcade!” ⁇

Revita is available in French, English, German, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil) and Simplified Chinese.

In Revita, Players must climb to the top of a clock tower where they will fight with randomly created rooms and antique bosses in order to regain their lost memory. Players throughout the game can trade life for random upgrades. Revita Thus challenging yourself to live on the edge of the razor.

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