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Enables lime utility pieces to rent scooters faster

Enables lime utility pieces to rent scooters faster

Lime has implemented one of the most brilliant new features of iOS 14: with the latest update, its Application iOS There are application clips in the function or original version extracted from the applications. As a reminder, the policy is to get some functionality of an app from the Dedicated Store without having to download an entire app. As for the chalk, it makes it possible to quickly rent an electric scooter, which is precisely one of the examples provided by Apple during the presentation of this innovation.

Spin the fictitious scooter rental application imagined by Apple to provide innovation to developers at the event of WWDC 2020.

If you scan the QR code placed on the scooters or bikes provided by Lime, your iPhone application snippet running iOS 14 can be downloaded in seconds. Without creating an account and using Apple Pay to make payments, you can pay rent very quickly. If you are passing through a city where the service is available, this is a much quicker option than downloading the app and creating an account.

A similar feature has been implemented for Android at this time using the instant apps introduced by Google in 2017. Apple’s utility pieces are very similar, having only had limited success so far., But the addition of lime may be a sign of readiness to take off.

Lime is available in France, Paris and Toulouse.

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