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Emergency Car Battery Starter: Which to Choose?

Emergency Car Battery Starter: Which to Choose?

What are the differences between an emergency car battery starter and a small power bank with pliers? Here are all the features you should not forget

Emergency car battery starter It has become one of the most versatile and essential jewelry to keep on board. Especially when the first signs of battery exhaustion show up. The advantage of using an emergency battery starter instead of cables, does Save space on the trunk And time Ask the passing motorist for help. But when you attach the pliers of the “booster”, it can cause serious damage to the battery and starter if it is not of good quality or not suitable for the car battery. You want to know what changes and how Distinguish between different car battery starters? Here is a guide that will explain in detail what the basic features are Excellent little booster.

How to choose a starter for an emergency car battery

A discharged car battery is one of the most frequent breakdowns requiring the intervention of a tow truck or the use of jump start cables. When one is enough to connect Jump starter for car battery Restart in a few seconds. I have a very common problem Small boosters The economy is such that despite the high potential of the spirit they can not always provide one The ideal current to start a car. So try again and again until the power reserve is depleted, and there is a risk that the (already discharged) booster that is trying to meet the needs of the car battery will actually melt. To avoid finding yourself on the road “without battery”, preventive maintenance with a proper battery charger is a good starting solution. For unexpected events that may occur during the trip, we will explain to you How to choose an emergency battery starter Very relevant. Properties that we deepen in the following paragraphs:

– Battery Starter Compatibility: What Power?

– VS Powerbank Battery Starter: What changes?

– Recharging the emergency battery starter

Starter for car battery and engine replacement

The first aspect to consider is a Battery jump starter Download is related to the application you want to make. “Power”, or rather an emergency starter should be measured based on capacity and current intensity:

Mechanical displacement: It is high and requires as much inrush current as batteries;

– Fuel, Petrol Oh Diesel. A starter will always and in any case try to meet the demand coming from the battery until it runs out. But the starting current required for a diesel engine is much higher than that required for an engine with the same displacement as petrol. For example Osram Battery Start 200 Starter It is suitable for machines 3L displacement but only on petrol. Climb one step with Battery start 300, Expands the application field a 6L petrol and 3L diesel And many more;

There is widespread error at this point Weigh your choice based on the characteristics of the car Current You have, it may be less powerful than the next car or another car that needs to be recovered. Since this is a device that should be used in emergency situations, it is always good to aim for a higher energy reserve and higher starting current, which can also be used for other applications (motorcycles, boats, campers, lawn mowers, etc.). ).

Input current of the emergency starter

There is a lot of jump starter for the car Similar to the complete common powerbank with USB ports, We quietly used to recharge mobile phones and other devices during our tests. Appearance often confuses the choice, and you do not buy anything other than “great travel power for mobile phones”. How to recognize a real jump starter from a small power bank? Simple, don’t believe it Ability (Cow) Notified by the manufacturer. Like car batteries, it needs to be stabilized Current flow (A) The capacity to provide support for the discharged battery and the maximum value it can provide in a matter of minutes (individually as the “multiplied” value). Then compare Penetration and voltage characteristics Battery To be 100% sure of compatibility, with starter. Its 400 is like a starter, for example, without minimal penetration l’Osram BATTERYstart 400 This is similar to a normal 16.8A power bank. This is the difference that should not be underestimated!

Battery or Powerbank Emergency Starter for Mobile Phone?

But be careful, since not every starter has infinite energy reserve, the method of using the available “bullets” is also of particular importance. Over there The difference between a good jump starter and what it looks like This is precisely the ability to start the machine immediately. Before buying any starter, be sure to check out these things:

– If it should be Connected to the battery for several minutes Before trying to start, it is a poorly functioning and impractical stimulus;

– It offers instead Goodwill have to do In seconds From the pliers attachment, then this is a really useful starter Repair. For example, we did some testing by running out the battery of the 55a diesel Fiat Punto 1.3 and plugging in the pliers of the Osram battery Start 300, which started in a second;

Charging time and automation of an emergency starter

But that’s not all. Do not pay attention to the various distractions (LED flashlights, one or more USB ports for smartphones, which are definitely useful) Charging time and how many starts can be guaranteed Full load power Ready to wear.

– The Number of starts It depends on how much power the engine needs during the start-up phase, but in seconds you allow the motor to run (preferably no more than 3-5 seconds);

– The Charging time This is inevitably linked to the capability of the jump starter. Osram Batterystart Battery Startup DIY based, takes 2 to 3 hours. The exception is the Advanced Professional Edition – Starter Osram BatteryStart Pro700 – Designed for car repair. It can be recharged in just 60 seconds The newly recovered vehicle is ready for a myriad of other emergencies, from the same battery and up to 8L petrol or 6L diesel. But we will leave this starter to our mechanic.

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