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Calibri's creator says he's surprised his work will not soon be the default font for the office suite

Calibri’s creator says he’s surprised his work will not soon be the default font for the office suite

“I did not expect this to change already”. Lucas de Crude, the designer of Calibri, the current default font for the Office suite since 2007, is surprised to find that his work has been downgraded.

He said he did not expect the decision to change his work to be discussed, adding that Microsoft was happy to invest in new fonts to enrich its software.
However, he believes that choosing to replace the default font is to follow the style trends rather than providing a better reading of the caliber.

Microsoft has decided to create its own office suite by changing the default font when typing text, for example Word or Excel.
The first font selected Times New Roman, Then in 2007 it led Calibri, Created by the Dutch Lucas de Groot. So the designer was surprised to learn from the press that his font was no longer the default.

Ordered by Microsoft Five new fonts : Tenorite, Pierstadt, Skina, Seaford and Grandview. Office 365 users can download and use them and then provide feedback. Microsoft will then choose what is the new default font in the office.

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Lucas de Crude began working at Calibri in 2002, then contributed his font to Microsoft in 2003. Names like Klaus, Karwa and Karwa were introduced because the publisher wanted to start with the letter C, eventually coming to Calibri, a name invented by Microsoft. This font is currently available to 1.2 billion Office Suite users.

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Source : CNBC