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Elections: President and Legislature

Elections: President and Legislature

In viewPresidential elections April 10 and 24, 2022 And 12 and 19 June 2022 Assembly electionsCheck if you are registered in the Paris election list and find out about your polling station:

You must specify the district in which you think you have registered and your personal information (first name, first names, gender and date of birth).

If you can not identify yourself, contact your City Hall.

The Registration deadlines Set in the voter list March 4, 2022 Presidential election and May 6, 2022For the Assembly election.

To register for the Paris District Voter List, you must:

You can submit your registration request at any time of the year. To vote during the election, an application for registration must be submitted no later than the 6th Friday prior to this election. For each election, the exact deadline for registration is announced by the Ministry of Home Affairs. However, some may request that you enter after the deadline for entries. If you are concerned, you should submit your request online or at the Municipal Town Hall, as your situation is one of the following categories. You will also need to provide the usual supporting documents required for registration.

You can register for the Paris Electoral Roll online, at your Aaronisment Town Hall or by mail.

If you are a French citizen, you will need to provide two supporting documents:

If you are a European, your application may include:

For an online registration request, you can replace the serf with a written notice, dated and signed, certifying that you have not lost the right to vote in your national state. This notice should indicate that if you register to vote in the European elections, you will only exercise your right to vote in France and the constituency and city where you last registered in your state. Origin.

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The City of Paris will notify you by email or post within a week of the response to your registration request. You can check your entry in the Paris Electoral Roll using the exclusive online service and download the registration certificate (PDF format) from the same site. Candidates can submit this certificate to the Provincial Council as part of their candidature notice (not required to be signed at the Town Hall).