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Elder Scrolls Online - Gates of Oblivion Themed Wallpaper Released

Elder Scrolls Online – Gates of Oblivion Themed Wallpaper Released

Discover the incredible works of Turkish artist Murad Balta inspired by the adventure of Fortes D’Oblivion Download as wallpaper in this article.

We love the rogue’s ability to create modern and fantastic scenes in the traditional style of Ottoman miniatures. So, we are very happy to collaborate with him to create a unique area inspired by Doors of Oblivion.

“This is the style I have been following for 10 years,” Murad explains. “My examples belong to the traditional style of Oriental art, especially the so-called” miniature “Ottoman style. Pop Culture. ⁇

Rogue, the worldSenior scrolls Full of opportunities to mix modern and traditional.

“I have always loved the universe of the series Senior scrolls, Not only in terms of storytelling, but also in terms of its visual language. When I play video games, I like to explore the art in them. In Senior scrolls, Has a wealth of unique species with their own styles, inscriptions, ornaments and architecture. More inspiration than enough! For its part, it also captures the world of miniature art in a unique way. There are rules for drawing mountains, characters, ghosts, lights, and so on. These are two universes that go together. “

You can download this artwork as wallpaper in different formats below.

To discover Murat’s incredible achievements, take a look at him Site Web, Or find out Twitter And Instagram.

This year’s Gates of Oblivion story continues The Elder Scrolls Online : Blackwood and The Elder Scrolls Online : Awake Flame, already on PC / Mac, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series X.S, PlayStation 4, and so on PlayStation 5.

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