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"EcoCor pours sewage into the sewer", a sit-in protest in front of the municipality

“EcoCor pours sewage into the sewer”, a sit-in protest in front of the municipality

WorkersEchocore In a state of rebellion. Tensions are running high at Casserta’s environmental health site, where some workers’ union members are being forced to endure constant harassment.


It is stated in the note signed by the General Secretary of Filas Francesco Napolitano And Provincial Coordinators of Caserta Francesco Descione e Nicola Della Ventura, “Health rules or protections required by law shall not be used”. In addition, “Dynamic rooms are non-compliant and comply with the provisions of the law – read the union note – the placement of car park vehicles used by Ecocore does not guarantee the health and safety of workers. Furthermore, workers complain that “the poor hygiene of the vehicles in use is not approximate, periodic and continuous. The same vehicles do not represent the safety permitted by some law, and to drivers and the community”. Finally, they pointed out that “to date there are no employees, which effectively prevents the guarantee of a fair and optimal service to the citizens”, which underscores the status of the revolt of employees eager to do so from the 19th May, when asked for a serious confrontation with Echocare.


However, a week after the rebellion was declared, no attempt was made by the company to compromise. It is for this reason that, beginning at 9.30am on Thursday 27 May, sitting in a peaceful demonstration in front of the municipality of Caserta, the union underlined that “a customer has a duty to avoid any inconvenience. It may affect innocent citizens.”

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