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Eastward now has a release date on the Nintendo Switch, which will be temporary

Era La “One More Thing” del Indy World

Latest announcementIndie world Nintendo has just aired and is involved Towards the east, The title has already been announced Nintendo Switch But it now has a release date, and it ‘Temporary exclusive.

This game is provided with a new trailer and offers the most beautiful and colorful pixel art graphic style. Game created by Pixbill And published by Chucklefish gamesBut, for now we don’t have much information. As we can guess from the trailer it is one Action-adventure With elements Jaffna.

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The Official Summary Explains the game’s dynamics better than the game:

Discover the eastern and beautiful and detailed post-apocalyptic world, an action-adventure RPG with puzzle and dungeon elements. In the future, the community is on the brink of collapse, and a miner named John finds a young woman named Sam in a secret underground facility. This strange couple will travel to a strange and fascinating world to discover the truth and embark on an exciting journey to explore ruined cities, unique camps and mysterious forests.

Towards the east Pre-order already available, but will come Nintendo iShop From Nintendo Switch The September 16, 2021.

What do you think of this new India?

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