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A historic series return on the Nintendo Switch leaked before the Nintendo Direct -

Earnings and profits fell in the last fiscal quarter –

Nintendo Released its financial statement for the second quarter of the 2021/2022 financial year. Net decline In Revenue and profit Compared to the previous year. Nintendo Switch is down 39.7% in sales and software 19% down $ 2.70 billion in revenue (-26.7% year-on-year) and $ 897 million in profit (-31.7%). Subscriptions, add-ons and digital games are the only growing sector, which saw 17% growth over the previous year.

One of the main reasons for the fall was the lack of a strong release like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, if you remember the whole of Nintendo 2020. 40% of players bought in the same fiscal year last year Nintendo Switch They also took a copy of the latest Animal Crossing. In short, the game also sold hardware.

Other factors: The semiconductor crisis, the declining impact of COVID-19 on people’s social lives (less people being forced to stay indoors), the success of Monster Hunter Rise, and lower first-party sales (Nintendo earns less from third parties in the first place).

Let’s look at how income is distributed among different people Categories Nintendo Active Location:

  • Console hardware: $ 1.17 billion / 43%
  • Bundled software: $ 0.80 billion / 30%
  • Digital software: $ 0.30 billion / 11%
  • Subscriptions / Extensions / Digital Only Titles: $ 0.31 Billion / 12%
  • Mobile + intellectual property license: $ 0.11 billion / 4%

It should be noted that total digital sales were $ 611 million, down 3% from the previous year.

A separate note is worthy Mobile sector, Down 8.5% compared to last year, probably due to a lack of startups and a general lack of interest in the company, which has dropped a bit on its own.

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