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Earned nearly 600,000 euros in just 7 days -

Earned nearly 600,000 euros in just 7 days –

Run Pondicherry Almost earned 600,000 euros a week, Precisely the week of release. The game is available on the App Store and Google Play. Data comes from an analyst sensor tower dedicated to the mobile world. The number of downloads is estimated at 23.6 million by March 2021.

However, on April 14, Crash Bandicoot on the Run reached 37.5 million downloads, Reported by For now, Crash Bandicoot on the Run is a specially launched game from King, the mobile division of Activision that makes candy crash games. Candy Crash Jelly Saga was only able to earn high revenue (1. 1.25 million in the first week), but only half of the downloads. Since the launch of Call of Duty Mobile in late 2019, the first quarter of 2021 has been the best for Activision’s mobile page.

Run Pondicherry

Crash Bandicoot on the Run is therefore a win and the players have enjoyed King’s work. We are talking about Endless Runner, which is a type that perfectly matches the style of Crash Bandicoot. This job promises to play over 100 hours.

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