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E3 2021: Xbox E Nintendo C Sono, Sony no

E3 2021: Xbox E Nintendo C Sono, Sony no

After canceling the last version Because Of infection, Around the futureE3 Doubts and confusion began to gather. We wondered if it would still make sense if the opening of a new era of digital events would not only allow Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to organize the software house independently, in a completely independent way from that historical container.

We now know that this will not be the case, at least not this year: E3 2021 will take place in full digital format from 12 to 15 June, e The denial came a few days ago There may be some content that is only accessible for a fee. The event will be completely free instead, and we can’t wait to comment with you on the pages that follow On HDBlog’s Twitch channel.

The good news is not only that E3 is coming back, but that too Is ready to take back the center of the gaming scene: They have really confirmed the participation Nintendo, Xbox, Capcom, Gonami, Ubisoft, Take-to-Interactive, Warner Bros. Games, coach media and more will be revealed later.

In short, this line, with the best occasions However, a significant shortcoming of Sony. If it is confirmed, it will not be a novelty, however: the Japanese giant Already in 2019 he was disconnected from the event.

For the rest, this new scenario, which sees no physical justice, can be seen as a contradiction in how it has almost strengthened the status of E3. Take the case of Nintendo: in the last E3 it participated in the exhibition with exhibition venues and Treehouse’s programming, which showed the game of upcoming titles, but the Kyoto house was the one that launched the live, event managed format, even though the most important tradition still fell on the dates corresponding to the Los Angeles exhibition. Is being disconnected.

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It is not clear whether Nintendo’s participation will be structured by a live insert in the E3 container or will it still reflect the choices of the past year by providing treehouse style content: of course, despite the possible path, complete independence from E3 this year was more than ever possible, and the code value of that summary is greater in this field Contains the weight required to engage the names. The take-off balance is also not apparent, while the absence is predictable: in addition to Sony, there are also EA, Activation Blizzard, Sega, Square Enix and Bandai Namco.