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Dynamo Safari, Ryer, Venice, Playoff Elba, Miro Plan

Dynamo Safari, Ryer, Venice, Playoff Elba, Miro Plan

Then, turn off the TV as if chasing bad thoughts. For example, it is already a pain to even imagine that you still need to hear the trumpets of Daliorcio. However, the real bad thought is to try to understand what you saw. Did Venice win? This is not even an explanation, it is a fact: the result. De Rafael praised his team’s setback and warned us all after the first two games. The truth is, his Ryer is no more, and of course the clock we know is not in this series because the band’s metronome may have been on the promos bench. In fact, in a race that has become a marathon, everyone who reaches the finish line, for a long time, loses the safari. When he persuaded Pilan, his best player in the photo, he was so tired now that he went to the line and did not even reach the iron. So, Summary: A Ryer is coming to the semifinals, he should have a lot to do with Milan, but it doesn’t seem enough now. Writing these things especially a few minutes after I got another proof of how much this series has drained everyone’s energy: I don’t think there is much regression. Apparently, the victory chased the monkey from behind, predicting against it would give Ryer a slightly lighter character. But these are two teams that need to switch so that they do not surrender to many other 5 games.

Playoff Calendar

Venice returns to play on Saturday, and as a sign of the times, there were those who immediately said it was an advantage for Milan, it was a gift. Let’s be clear: the calendar has been known for some time. As is well known, the first in the standings should be given a special treatment: he gets on the field before the other semifinal, so the number is not in the quarterfinals, but in the finals. The calendar of these playoffs that everyone has accepted is insane is a fact that can be matched by the party to public attendance. The public is ready to celebrate, considering the first prices that have been communicated.

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I Club Come de Alema

Fulleri, who was released by Variety, has been released by Fortiduto Dolmont, and Fortiduto will soon announce Repsa. Many things are moving, but nothing really moves until the teams’ accounts are revealed or better verified: how many people can participate next season? This is the key question. What would be the best answer? A decisive cut in costs means that even football has to rely on the league to solve the problem. Unity is strength in difficult moments. Instead of basketball, everyone, from managers to coaches, seems to be D’Alema. Believe that they are worth more than. But no one knows where to get the money needed to make progress. Someone has a contract and if someone guaranteed him why would he give up the money. Another wants the best house, otherwise he can not train well – outside the magic circle of figures there is no one who measures performance by what they actually produce.

Sandalsini feet

In this context, Windows’ gentrification feet, not only that, have been proven by the arrival of Lordo Bench, which is a signal. The biggest development in the years to come is no doubt about women’s sports, and the game I will say again: it is a trend in society to seek a better and better balance between men and women. There is no doubt that the competition of women’s basketball is less intense and less numerous: in the city of the first gold medal of an Italian athlete in sports, Ondina Valla, Cecilia Sandalcini, No. 1, can be modeled by many women. She will definitely become a testament to the hunt for the female Euro League (the finalists will come from a woman in the next championship), which is highly valued and in the region where the male Euro League is still far away Governor Bonasini, in a positive sense, is very excited when it comes to the sport because it is looking for every event that can reveal the territory. Today women are still an interesting audience. In short, the Jandalasini shot is not a basketball thing like the Bellinelli shot: easy, compelling, congratulating Janetti and Baraldi, not simply for flattery.

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