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Epic game against Apple, a law in Arizona will prove Fortnight home right - Nert 4.Life

Apple grossed over $ 100 million and spent only $ 1 million on advertising – Nert 4. Life

We are on the thirteenth day of litigation between epic games Apple. Thanks to a new testimony we can now see that Cupertino was able to earn More than $ 100 million By commissions Fortnight, Against a total of one million dollars.

Sharing this information Michael Schmidt, The leader of the gaming business at Apple. Apple has been working closely with Epic Games on Fortnight, both in engineering and advertising.

Schmidt says Epic Games has become more and more demanding over time Support. Apple received calls in the morning or even at Christmas, as Epic Games needed help resolving issues related to Fortnight.

100 million profit for Apple through Fortnight

He also explains that Apple has sent “500 million Fortnight ads”. Related costs Marketing Apple’s total of more than a million dollars in support, or – in Schmidt’s words – “much bigger than any other game I’ve worked on.”

When asked that Apple Earned, the answer was “more than 100 million million”. He was asked if “over 100 million” could mean “over 200 million,” but Schmidt said “it’s inappropriate for me to say this is it.” However, Schmidt’s figures are significantly lower than analytics firm Censor Tower’s, which estimates Fordnight’s revenue of $ 1.2 billion on iOS, which translates into more than $ 360 million in commission for Apple.

ApparentlyThe lawyer of the epic He outlined how Apple has benefited from its relationship with Fortnite and Epic, as it has earned at least a hundred times the amount invested.

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