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Laguna - Available now

Laguna – Available now

It’s time to light a (virtual) cigarette, smash it into the wall and ask tough questions, because today publisher Assemble Entertainment and Developer Digitals are pleased to announce that the science fiction trial simulator Laguna has been disabled. Steam! In the game, players slip into a ditch lined with CIA agent Neil Conrad and try to solve a mystery that could have dire consequences.

Immerse yourself in the complex system of complex dialogue options, dynamic dialogs, shady NPCs and many more unique decisions that will confuse the player to the last. Conrad does not have to trust anyone, has to ask a lot of questions, and has to look for important clues when investigating the conspiracy in his unusual search for answers.

“Laguna is a fantastic thriller that wraps everything players want about the Nair genre in a sci-fi twist, while at the same time updating the point-click genre for modern players looking for new players,” says CEO Stephen Marcinek. “The players loved the prologue and we’m glad they can finally get to the bottom of the mystery!”

Jasmine Pfeiffer and Julian Golbus, co-founders of Digitals Interactive, added, “Laguna is our introductory title, and we can’t believe it’s really over! This is a work of curiosity that has come with us since we were a student and we are so excited to finally share it with the world and see what decisions the players will make. We believe games are the best medium for telling a compelling and compelling story, and we hope our game will give you this. “

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