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DuckDuckGo launches its Privacy Focus browser on Mac

DuckDuckGo launches its Privacy Focus browser on Mac

DuckDuckGo, popular for its privacy-centric search engine, offers for the first time its equivalent privacy-centric web browser in a desktop-friendly version. Starting with Apple’s standard devices running the Macos operating system of the Apple brand. The company already released its desktop browser plans late last year and on Tuesday released the first beta version of software compatible with its MacOS, pre-release, and later scheduled, browser compatible with Windows devices.

Like the company’s iOS and Android browsers, DuckDuckGo for Mac is designed to prioritize user privacy at all times. This extra protection is provided by features such as built-in access to the DuckDuckGo personal search engine, cookie pop-up protection, a one-click option to clear all browsing data, email protection or automatic default change to encrypted version (HTTPS). On all platforms.

DuckDuckGo’s new browser uses MagOS’s built-in web rendering engine (used by Apple’s internal browser Safari, DuckDuckGo reports) to provide faster loading time. The company claims that these accelerated loads are made even faster by blocking all ad trackers by default.

Block ad trackers by default

DuckDuckGo for Mac was launched as a private beta, and its manufacturer has pointed out that some features are not yet fully implemented. These missing features include support for extensions. Although the company plans to run extensions later, DuckDuckGo’s in-browser password manager and ad blocker do not already work on the two commonly downloaded extension types. It is necessary to establish third-party solutions.

DuckDuckGo also noted that the built-in password manager can import the credentials you have saved from third-party extensions such as 1Password or LastPass to facilitate your transition and ensure that your privacy is strengthened.

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Users who wish to join the waiting list for personal beta can do so by downloading one of the company’s mobile browsing applications, going to the Settings menu, and clicking on DuckDuckGo for desktop (in the “More from DuckDuckGo” section). There you will find the option to “Add to Private Waiting List”. Once access is granted, the mobile app notification will provide an invoice that you can use to download DuckDuckGo for Mac on your preferred computer.

The company said it was already working on a version of its browser for Windows PCs, but did not provide a specific timeline for when that version would be available.