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Drake downloads Durian and Kota 100

Drake downloads Durian and Kota 100

This is what June last year and the Under Secretary of State for Trade, Claudio Durigan, gave us the impetus on social media: “Pension reform is an important topic in the post-Govt.

The Under-Secretary for Economics wrote this precisely Facebook. It was relaunched in Quota 100 (in which Matteo Salvini wants Durican to be “the father” again), theoretically ending his “three-year term” on December 31, 2021 (beginning under Liga-M5S).

“You have to keep the tools flexible on the way out. Renewing quota 100 is definitely an opportunity to estimate that its cost for 2022 will be $ 400 million. We have to give: Mario Tracy has no intention of updating the Kota 100!

In short, the position of Claudio Durican’s deputy secretary is in danger not only for Palazzo Cici but also for his “father” reform: quota 100.

What about quirine in all of this? Officially, he observes silently but at this time those who had the opportunity to speak with the hill people had the unique feeling that there would be little opposition to the removal of the Deputy Secretary.

In short, Durian’s words were not appreciated even on the highest echelons of the Republic. Mario Draghi, on the other hand, does not even need Materella’s approval to remove an undersecretary. Not as a minister.

But to understand Maderella’s thinking, it is enough to recall what the President said on the 28th anniversary of the Kabashi assassination. “The figures from Falcon and Porcelino, like many employees of the state who have fallen in the fight against organized crime, have fostered a sense of community duty and commitment to confront the mafia, to shine a light on its darkness, and to provoke rejection and anger, justice and legitimacy.

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