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Android Updates: Xiaomi will soon be distributing the new MIUI and Huawei HarmonyOS

Android Updates: Xiaomi will soon be distributing the new MIUI and Huawei HarmonyOS


Android updates will be the topic of conversation on the internet this week as well. Google gives us an overview on Android 12, Xiaomi distributes a MIUI update and Huawei will soon have a completely new setup.

In a few weeks Huawei cell phones will get HarmonyOS, and Xiaomi smartphones will get MIUI 12.5. (Source: Siomi)

  • Xiaomi distributes MIUI 12.5 and Huawei will soon begin releasing the Harmonios.
  • Google Beta test launches Android 12.

This week Xiaomi released a major update for one of its mobile phones, and Huawei is expected to follow suit in June as well. There is also news about the new Android 12 operating system from Google. In our review we summarize the information.


Huawei has completed the development of its own operating system, the Harmonios. The first phones, the P40, Mate 40 and Mate X2, are due for an update in June. The Mate 30 series devices will also receive an update later.


Chinese company Xiaomi is starting to distribute MIUI 12.5 to some phones. You can already download and install the new user interface for Mi 11. MIUI 12.5 features many new features such as super wallpapers, a completely redesigned note-taking application and better performance.

Android 12

In addition, Google provided us with a preview of Android 12 on Google I / O. After all, the system has a completely new design and extended privacy settings. You can already try Android 12 on selected phones.

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