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Crosswave for Nintendo Switch Reveals Release Window for North America & Europe


Today Idea Factory International has lowered the north window of Azure Lane: Crosswave’s Nintendo Switch version for North America and Europe.

Today Idea Factory International has lowered the north window of Azure Lane: Crosswave’s Nintendo Switch version for North America and Europe.

The game will be released in February 2021 on Nintendo’s hybrid console in the west. The exact date has not yet been revealed.

The Switch release includes two boxes of six DLC packages to be released for the PS4, specifically dedicated to Taihou and Formidable.

On top of that, the photo mode has been updated so that you can take pictures of six girls at once instead of four.

If you do not know about the game, you can see the official description below.

“About Azure Lane: Crosswave
In this high-octane 3D action shooter, historic warships come to 3D life with the help of Unreal Engine! Control a set of beautiful, but devastating characters and bring any enemy to their knees! New and returning fans of Azure Lane can play in 4 game modes including 100+ battles of Extreme Bottle Mode!

Can you succeed your navy, or will you sink at sea?

Living in the 3D world – Beloved side-scrolling shooter Azure Lane Mobile is now retrofitted for the Nintendo Switch-Cell-shaded, 3D action shooter with the help of an unreal engine! Hire 50+ ship girls to help lead your navy to success. In the Nintendo Switch version‌, play through Story mode through the newly arrived Shimacage and Suruga lens, plus Taiho and Formidable!

Change it with 4 game modes – Commanders can choose from 4 different game modes! Story mode has 7 chapters through Shimacage and Suruga lenses, and 2 additional story chapters with the newly arrived Taiho and Formidable. In Extreme Bottle Mode, choose from 100+ challenging aircraft to battle for rare items and special equipment. Capture new memories in photo mode! Just like the original release, players can change backgrounds, adjust facial expressions and poses! Now on the Nintendo Switch, select up to 6 characters with the latest updated camera angles. Episode mode has 50+ subtitles that provide bonus character backgrounds!

Arm your Armada – Before traveling, equip your characters with rare items found after a successful battle or by creating objects in Akashi’s lab. Here, commanders can exchange blueprints to create new gears, turn materials into rare items, and win prizes. Experiment with different flight arrangements to get special fleet effects that can offer in-game stat bonuses.

Ready, aim, fire – control, aim and fire on incoming warships, aircraft carriers and other enemies! Depending on the sub-type of character, players can modify character-specific special attacks to prevent attacks or activate shields, unleash torpedoes or planes, and defeat unruly enemies! ”

If you want to know more about Azure Lane: Crosswave (This is already available for PC and PS4), you should definitely read the interview we published some time ago and our review. You can also watch the trailer of the Nintendo Switch version.

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As of the day of the Japanese release of the Switch version the game had shipped 200,000 copies worldwide.

If you do not know Azure Lane The franchise is the first mobile horizontal scrolling shooter / RPG hybrid currently available for iOS and Android.

Recently, the game celebrated its third anniversary in Japan and you can watch a music video featuring the famous musician TM Revolution and an anime-style trailer.

If you are interested in the popularity of the franchise in Japan, you can see my report on the anniversary event from last year.