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Downloads of industry-standard Ox-Core digital access rules hit 100 million

Herndon, Wah .– (Commercial wire) – Tech Systems, the trusted leader in digital access, announced that Ax, the most accurate and widely used open source library of access rules, has surpassed 100 million downloads, growing at a rate of over 4 million downloads a week.

Driven by the need for fast and accurate access testing, the use of ax-core is spreading around the world. Most of the downloads came from external (non-tech) web sources, including Google and Microsoft.

“The contributions of the developer community and their commitment to accessing the Internet for people with disabilities have spurred our growth trajectory since the ax was unveiled in 2015,” commented Dylan Barrell, Chief Technology Officer, Tech Systems. “The adoption rate we have seen in recent years indicates that it is very widespread for almost one in four U.S. citizens with digital access disabilities.”

Many organizations cite the Ax Core Rules Library as the standard standard for access testing, including by Google, Microsoft, and the U.S. Department of Justice. These rules help to inform testers and web developers what is accessible and inaccessible to people with disabilities. Fast, safe and lightweight, the Ax Core is built to integrate seamlessly with any test environment and can automate testing with regular operational testing.

Ox-Core is the foundation of Deck’s Access Testing Tools, including the Free Ax Browser Extensions and Ax Tool Tools kit. Developers can download the ax ax here:

“More and more companies are realizing the benefits of digital access, other than legally enforcing the Disability Act (ATA) for Americans, to capture unnoticed market share, reduce operating costs and increase brand value,” says Preethi Kumar, CEO of Tech Systems.

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Movement first ax-con: Tex’s Ax-Con is a new business conference to be held online on March 10-11, 2021. Ax-Con is an open and inclusive event that welcomes developers, designers, business leaders and professionals at all levels. Testing and maintaining accessible digital experiences.

Registration for Ax-Khan is free, and field leaders provide participants with best practices for access to design, development, and testing. Speakers include U.S. Internet pioneer Wind Cerf, disability rights lawyer and editor Heben Girma, Smashing magazine editor-in-chief Rachel Andrew and dozens of other industry influencers.

To register Ax-Con, please visit

About Tech Systems

Deque (pronounced dee-cue) is a web access software and service company, our mission is digital equality. We believe that everyone should have equal access to information, services, applications and everything on the Internet, regardless of their ability.

We work with enterprise-wide businesses and organizations to ensure that their sites and mobile applications are accessible. With over 250,000 browsers installed and over 4,000 audit programs completed, Tech is industry standard.