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‘Downloading’ videos from Netflix & Disney + is possible but ‘meh’ provides results * TorrentFreak

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Various software tools that have been aggressively promoted online are intended to allow people to download movies and TV shows from services including Netflix and Disney +. Most work by providing a file that can be saved independently from the service in question, and the results are a bad alternative to the services.

For those who remember the use of audiocassette tapes, VHS and BetaMax video recorders and similar wizards, the sole purpose of technology was to keep content from a variety of sources for a while.

While those recordings are radio songs, ‘backup’ copies (or, tapes rented overnight from a rental store) of legally purchased movies by friends have been a way of life for millions of people for decades. Then digital happened and everything changed.

Media collections are not what they used to be – at least

These days, people are more likely to stream music and movies from Spotify and Netflix, but none of these sites are a way to become a collector. Rather than constantly connecting to the Internet or maintaining subscriptions, many prefer to have permanent copies of the content on their own devices. This presents problems.

Basically, those who want to maintain a set today have to spend little luck on physical media, rely on downloads from streaming sites, or go down the theft path. At least for music and TV shows (legal ones aside), the latter is the easiest way, but what if, like people tapes decades ago, there was a way to download content from legal streaming services to keep forever?

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Downloads from Netflix, Disney + and Amazon

Over the past few years, a number of applications have appeared on the market claiming to allow users to do just that. Flix GrabFor example, users claim to be able to download from Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video, etc. The software can be downloaded directly from the manufacturer’s site or from the Microsoft Store.

Flix Grab

“Flix Grop is a new powerful application for downloading videos from the most popular online video websites. You can download and watch videos from anywhere: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and many more with just one Flix Grab app. This freeware has absolutely no adware, no spyware, no registry or other unwanted software. ”

While all of this may seem tempting, there are warnings that are important enough to deter people from getting a package using these types of tools.

These apps do not download – they record

For example, when using a tool such as YouTube-DL, the user downloads a digital file, which is an exact copy of what they were listening to on YouTube. However, with applications like the one mentioned above, it is not so. When they are charged as ‘downloaders’, they are basically a type of screen recorder that takes the original raw material from the service in question, transfers it to the user’s computer, and spits out the transcoded video file.

While this may seem appealing to some, there are serious quality issues. When Netflix or Disney + subscribers consume content in 4K or relatively low 1080p, the final result is a million miles away when files are ‘recorded’ by these apps.

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Prepared files can be said to be 1080p (‘fake’ 4K not available – not yet), their file sizes offer the quality of the offer, and a few hundred megabytes for a 1080p movie does not reduce it. Importantly, if people think they are going to get a quality copy, they are going to be disappointed.

There are plenty of positive reviews online, but caution is advised

Those who want to research these types of applications online will quickly find lots and lots of positive reviews saying that sliced ​​bread is the biggest thing. However, people should be aware that it is possible to get free keys to access premium versions of these tools.

So, if you see a great review on YouTube, read a five star foundation pilot recommendation, or read ads like posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, those reviews are a good opportunity to link to the free key. Some may be true of course, but continuing with caution should not be discounted.

Ultimately, tools that actually download high-quality video from services like Netflix and Disney + are not available to the public, and even ‘professional’ pirates ‘screen recorders to create so-called’ web-rips ‘, they certainly do not’ use these commercially available tools – results for prudent pirates Very disappointing.