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Downloading Ambra Angiolini Max Allegri?  The offensive comment causes controversy

Downloading Ambra Angiolini Max Allegri? The offensive comment causes controversy

Downloading Ambra Angiolini Max Allegri? The opinion of the well-known actress aroused suspicion among the most interested followers

Ambra Angiolini, Famous Actress (Getty Images)

The story in between Ambra angiolini e Max Allegri Experiencing a turbulent turn? The couple, who were immediately denied this summer, would have gone through a period of crisis. The two were actually aiming for a leisurely boat ride in Paparazzi, Ischia, Campania, near Borgo San Angelo.

Coach for four years Juventus And the well-known actress forms a consistent pair Francesco Renga. The Involvement Officialized by a ring given to his partner by a Tuscan coach, but the two never decided to get married.

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The comment about Ambra Angeolini and Max Allegri made fans skeptical

Allegri Ambra Angiolini
History in History with Allegri, Ambra Angiolini (Getty Images)

Complications complicate the stability of the relationship Max, In which Ambra. HappinessAfter a gap of two years, he returned to training and will now begin touring in Italy. His desire to stay in Turin Juventus However, his departure for London, Paris or Madrid made the relationship easier as it further alienated him from his partner.

The AngelsInstead, he was involved in the shooting of the fiction “Ignorant Angels” Now she seems to have gone home Happiness. On social media, however, one comment raised suspicion among some fans.

Secret message

Below is a video that posted the same Ambra, With the intention of jumping on her back in her bed, wrote one of her followers: “In that bed you are blessed to sleep with the best man in Italy. Max Allegri.

In response to this comment, the actress responded: Blessed are you who believe in it. The same fan who was skeptical commented again: “I thought you agreed with me. You are no longer with Max? ” Ambra It did not respond, leaving various scenes open.

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First, one of the most recognizable, that couple Do not sleep together yet For the above duties and some personal decisions. The second hypothesisContradiction, From the same postAngels It was just getting started. The third and final scene is that things don’t go exactly right between the two, but these are all just one To guess Without some basis, only those directly involved can confirm or deny it.

Ambra Angiolini Allegri
Ambra Angiolini’s Comment on Allegri (Getty Images)