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Downloadable April Xbox Update: Achievements, Xbox Game Pass and Speed ​​| Xbox One

Downloadable April Xbox Update: Achievements, Xbox Game Pass and Speed ​​| Xbox One

Xbox and Xbox Series X | S April update is out now! This includes news about achievements in the Xbox mobile app and some changes to the console interface.

Achievements in Xbox usage

The new Xbox app on iOS and Android has received a lot of criticism, but little by little, the features of the past are coming back, and the app is getting better.

After the return of the app wins, some players may access the scoreboards to compare themselves with their friends. Access to achievements is also available from the side of a game, and all players will have access to these new features by the end of the month.

What Xbox Game Boss Games Do Your Friends Play?

Sometimes it’s hard to pick a game from the Xbox Game Boss we like. A featured location is now displayed on the interface, allowing you to watch the game pass games your friends are playing. From there you can start the game or start its installation.

New suggestions for the Xbox Game Pass

New suggestions will be displayed in the console’s Xbox Game Pass section depending on the games you have played. Many categories like FPS, Sci-Fi, Horror, Sandbox, Mystery, Anime, Fantasy and many more are included.

Pause a game to generate downloads faster

We mentioned in March a feature to pause the Xbox game and get the download speed up. Available in advance for some players, this feature is now available to everyone with the latest Xbox update.

Today, the queue warns you when your active game download speed is slowing down. You will now have the option to pause your active game to free up bandwidth and achieve a more efficient download speed. Then, with a quick restart, you can go straight to your game whenever you start playing again.

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