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Sony confirms the future release of a new generation PS VR that will be plugged into PS5 - News

Sony confirms the future release of a new generation PS VR that will be plugged into PS5 – News

If we were talking about Project Morpheus at the time, no code name would be used to refer to this device. “The new generation of virtual reality“In any case there is a good chance that it will be called PSVR2 Communication The announcement by Hidaki Nishino will start with the fact that this future headset will be reserved for the owners of the PlayStation 5, as it will be connected to the console via a cable, which will facilitate the complex connection of the first use PSVR.

However, this is important information because one would have thought that the manufacturer would follow the wireless path of Oculus Quest, which gives Facebook so much satisfaction. On the other hand, by opting for integrated functionality with the PS5, you do not have to worry about these future PS VR2 technical limitations (Oculus Quest players need to connect their device to a more powerful PC to access it more greedily). Naturally, Hitachi Nishino is a “Awesome leap in performance and interactivity“And a”Strong sense of existence“Compared to the helmet released in October 2016.

New VR controller inspired by DualSense

Since the release of PS VR on PS4, we have learned a lot and are using this new knowledge to build the next generation VR system, which has been improved in everything from resolution to vision, level monitoring and orders. To make its installation easier and easier to use, this new system will be integrated with the PS5 via a single cable, allowing you to enjoy a more reliable visual experience.“, Shall we read? This new generation PSVR will have the opportunity to drop the heroic but aging PlayStation move, which will support a brand new controller specially designed for virtual reality.Includes some essential features of DualSense controller“In addition it is necessary to have more ergonomics than the packets of 2010.

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As one might guess from the lack of name, photo or games, this PS VR2 will not be released in 2021. However interested studios have begun to acquire development tools to create the first games for the new device, the technical characteristics of which should be discovered later this year. Finally, its own studios are currently operating in P.S. If it stops creating games on VR, Sony Interactive Entertainment will have the opportunity to notice that other games are still expected, especially After the fall, Sniper Elite VR And Humanity.