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Download the Productivity Guide: Methods, tools and tips can be very helpful

Download the Productivity Guide: Methods, tools and tips can be very helpful

How to increase efficiency on a daily basis? All the answers in our 2021 Productivity Guide!

In the menu of our production guide: methods, advice, books, tools …

Your daily life, the real race against time?

Manage projects, work in a team, schedule meetings, interact with clients, hold video conferences, take notes, format documents, save or modify files … these activities are definitely part of your routine and can sometimes take you a lot of time and energy!

Therefore, it is important that you choose organizational methods, resources and tools that best suit your needs, so that you can easily collaborate with your team without getting too involved in your daily tasks.

Download the 2021 Productivity Guide for free

To help you get performance on a daily basis, we have developed a production guide. You can download it for free and for free, no personal data is requested.

Find ideas and tools to work more efficiently

In our production guide, you will find:

  • The best ways to organize yourself are: Different methods and techniques for improving the overall management of your projects and, more precisely, the organization of all your tasks.
  • Sources for better management of your projects: Tips for creating a successful Kent chart, timelines to know, best books on good practices in terms of productivity, mistakes not to make, comparison of applications (email, news, video conferencing) …
  • Selection of productivity tools and their benefits: Allow yourself to discover new comprehensive and efficient services that can help you in your daily work.
  • Choice of free and easy to use tools : Project management, note taking, file transfer, automation, screen recording, emoji search, time management …
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Designed guide with authors of productivity tools

To design this productivity guide for digital professionals, we have teamed up with 4 tool editors: the GlaxoSmithK platform, the Usain electronic signature solution, the PIM quantal solution and the OnOffice office suite.

We hope our guide will help you manage your projects more efficiently, and especially develop yourself fully in your work.

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